Patio / Driveways

Our professional team will bring your patios and driveways back to life, by using the latest equipment, pressure and Jet wash.

Our team are trained to make sure that the pressure is at the correct temperature to eliminate damage to paving slabs ensuring the job runs as smoothly as possible.

About this service

At Capital Clean in order to ensure all jobs are completed to the highest of standards our Jet washing machine is equipped with different attachments so we can adapt as required.

Driveways and patios come in all shapes and sizes; however, we are equipped to tailor for all of our customers individual needs.

* A patch test on site is carried out to determine the condition of the area and what method is best applied to the task.


We are able to remove the following:

  • Dirt
  • Moss
  • Weeds
  • Mould and Algae
  • Oil and Paints
  • Debris
  • Paint and Graffiti Removal

Not many of us understand the safety importance of having our patio or Driveways cleaned regularly. This is crucial, as over time dirt and grease builds up which can cause it to become unsafe to walk on, weaken the structure, which in the long term can become costly for repairs or replacement.

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